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Ad analysis
When people get older, their skin starts to become soft, flabby, wrinkly, saggy and dull. Knowing this, cosmetic companies want to find more and more of cosmetics for their customers. Olay is one of those companies. "Your skin is not getting older. It is just tired" (Olay ad). Olay's maxim. With that maxim, Olay introduced their new product is Olay Regenerist to help fight against the anti-aging, help improve facial muscle and help women confident when they go out. Women, want to have good skin and look nicely in front of anybody. From clothes, make up, shoes, high heel: women want everything to make them prettier. Not only that, they also can try anything to make their skin look nice. But do they know about the structure of their skin?

The structure of skin has three layers: first layer is the epidermal, second layer is the mesoderm, and third layer is the dermis. Epidermal is the top layer, which functions as a protective skin layer with the outside environment. Keratinocytes goods and services move from the basal layer of the epidermal to the outer layer creates larger volume horns and make the skin is rough outer layer. The epidermal is easy to hurt. As these cells move to the outermost layer, they will be falling apart, if this process does not occur normally the skin looks scaly. The epidermal also protect the mesoderm and the dermis inside. Olay is a cosmetic companies that is why they know how the skin structure work. Introduced Olay Regenerist line of new products, is anti-aging solutions, comprehensive help busy women do not have to worry about his age. Regenerist product line contains a mixture of amino-peptides help reverse the aging process.

Why does skin get tired? The skin get tired because of age, effects of sunlight, pollution, tobacco smoke, drinking alcohol, insomnia, stress, rubbing the skin. All of those are enemies of skin. When you get older, speed of cellular changes slowly, it make the skin dull and rough. Water holding capacity of the cells to dry skin worse, wrinkle and no longer stretch as before. Drinking alcohol can pale skin, dry skin, form wet spots, and pimples appear. While sleeping, the new skin cells reproduce twice as fast as when you are working. Sleep deprivation slows the production of new skin cells, slow recovery of environmental damage and the inevitable result is wrinkled and pasty skin. Olay found a good micro-sculpting cream to give more energy for the skin. "Stop trying to turn back time and start energizing the look of your skin. As skin ages, it loses energy and is less responsive to active ingredients. Wake up tired skin with Olay Regenerist. Reformulated with an innovative skin energizing complex to fight the look of tired skin by revving up surface regeneration." Olay's maxim (Olay ad). The Olay Regenerist has two new formulas against skin aging. Olay Regenerist contains essences of reproducing the effect of aging skin, sagging, erase wrinkles and shrink the skin pores, improve skin texture by preventing the appearance of wrinkles, balance moisture, the skin becomes smooth and youthful, colorless product, to get into the skin quickly and is not greasy or sticky. Olay also helps skin boost the production of collagen and elastin for a quick and beautiful smooth skin that prevents any signs aging. What a powerful antioxidant such as vitamin E, green tea extract and substance Carsonine together to protect the harmful effects of free radicals and protect skin cells long. These creams help restore aging skin, by the time, the negative impact of weather and environment, after a night you will see the change in your skin youthful adolescence.

The colors in this ad also are really important. Olay uses black for the background to as a floating their design. Black like thi night and white like day, with this design Olay wants to let us know the Olay Regenerist has essences anti-aging concentrate is specially formulated to work day and night. Essences...
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