Okonkwo's Exile

Topics: White people, Violence, Belief Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: October 3, 2005
From a purely hypothetical standpoint, the benefit of Okonkwo's exile is questionable. If Okonkwo were to of not been exiled, I believe the only result would have been one involving more violence, with the same ultimate outcome. Okonkwo's death and the submission of the Igbo tribes. The reason behind this is my faith in Okonkwo's personality and choice making abilities. Regardless of being exiled or not, he would be at the forefront advocating an aggressive response to the encroaching white colonizers and missionaries. His killing of the white messenger exemplified this facet of his personality. He is rash and forceful with his beliefs and idea's. He is not afraid to back up what he says, and he is more than willing to stand up for what he believes in. His exile left the village vulnerable to more aggressive outsid einfluences. Upon his return he is disappointed with the lack of resistance to the white men. If Okonkwo had remained, he would of organized a formal resistance to the encoraching foreigners. Though the result of eventual colonization/conversion wa sinevitable, Okonkwo's constant involvement could of both potentially resulted in even earlier submission (if the whites were to annihalate the Igbo who made an aggressive action inspired by Okonkwo) or it could have been prolongued (if the Igbo resisted violently and ideally to the idea's and customs of the white men). Essentially, Okonkwo's exile did not have much effect upon the inevitable white domination, and what little effect it could have had, is negated by the fact that it would all come to pass with time anyways.
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