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Abdulsattar Mohamed
Abu Huraira

What is the importance of believing in Qadr?

The importance of believing in Qadr is because Qadr is a pillar of imam. Imam is a dean for us to remember Allah and his exceptions. Basically it’s like a standard formation of making our dean stronger and more stabilized. They are several meaning in believing in Qadr. Qadr usually means the “amount, decree, or ordainment” Qadr is like an interrilivent meaning, it has so many understanding of it that you might become confused. But in order to believe in Qadr, you shall testifies in believing in 4 rules; knowing that there is only 1 god but Allah, to believe in his messenger and prophets, the resurrection, believing the words that came out of Allah mouth and put into the Quran. Qadr is Allah (capability) he knows everything about it, he knows about the death that’s upon you, he knows what you’re thinking, and Allah is un-abscent his everywhere without being absent. There is also a specific day of Qadr is called, Laylatul-Qadr it’s a night where all the angles come down to earth and choose specific people to make blessings for them. If you’re a good person you shall receive good blessings but if you’re the opposite than you shall receive none. That night of Qadr is better than 1000 months. Disbelieving in Qadr is a great act of sin, if you disbelieve in Qadr, my umah shall experience earthquake and sever animals who does not believe in it. It’s so important that Hell was shut down the night of Qadr and heaven was opened. Even in Ramadan. If you have the full understanding of believing in Qadr shall go deeper into the knowledge of Ghayb

Ghayb refers to all knowledge that is beyond the reach of human perceptions we can only learn about matters of Ghayb from Allah, himself, as he revealed in his book or in his messenger, Sunnah Allah says: With him (Allah) are the keys of Ghayb, no one knows them except him.

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