Oklahoma's Concerns about School Performance

Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Can you hear it, the mumbles of children everywhere at the just the mention of year around school, while the parents of these kids start to jump for joy. Would a year round school year help not only our nation but Oklahoma’s concerns about school performance? It is this simple question that starts the debate and battle of the school year. Should we or should we not have longer school days or just go for the gold to say and make school a year round institution. There are many who argue for year round school. They believe that more is always better. United States President Barack Obama is among them. “The challenges of the new century demands more time in the classroom.” he stated. I for one think that more hours would not only help American but Oklahoma schools as well.

We have all been there, coming in from a long summer break when out of the blue a teacher ask the dreaded question, do you remember how to work this problem? I can still see my blank stare at the chalk board wondering who is going to save me. Shorter summer breaks means students are less likely to incur learning loss, and it may decrease the number of students being sent to remedial classes or to tutoring for help. Oklahoma’s kids are falling below average in science and math. We say that some kids just don’t test well, but it is not the case. The long summer breaks mean less time in the class room to keep their heads in the game. Without a long summer break that leaves less young minds in summer school and more time in the classroom and where the action is.

School systems that are already year round have an advantage over the other states that are not. This would provide Oklahoma children with the ability to have a more global educational experience. Countries like Japan, China, and Korea already have this system in effect. Their children test higher, have a more developed level of learning, and they graduate College at a higher rate. The average test scores for U.S 4th grader in math was...

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