Oklahoma City Bombing

Topics: Oklahoma City bombing, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Timothy McVeigh Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Title: Oklahoma City Bombing
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the three major impacts the Oklahoma City Bombing had on America. Central Idea: The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building has impacted all of America in that we have American citizens becoming home grown terrorists on American soil, changes in security of Federal and public buildings, and added new laws to attempt to keep any more terrorist acts from happening in the future. Introduction:

I. What were you doing 9:02 AM on April 19, 1995?
A. I was assuming duty as the CQ, Charge of Quarters, because at that time I was stationed in Germany and we had an 8 hour difference. B. For some of you, that time is when you would be dropping off your children at school, or for one of you, you might not have even been born yet. II. Tonight I am going to tell you a little about what and who caused this event and how it happened. III. We will see some of the changes in security that has been made to public and government buildings. IV. Finally I will discuss some of the laws that were brought about by this terrorist act that happened in the heartland of America.

Transition: Let me tell you about the three men responsible for this act. Body:
I. First, the bombing of the Murrah Building was a Terrorist Act don’t anyone let that be forgotten. The planning for this act and the stated reasons for it started way back with the incidents on Ruby Ridge and in Waco, Texas. A. Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and Michael Fortier all three enlisted in the Army on May 24, 1988 and according to the book Apocalypse in America the three of them then went thru basic training together. B. Timothy McVeigh was a model soldier in that he learned everything he could on how to kill, and while the other two performed their jobs no one else could stand them except for each other. 1. According to Robert Littelton, another recruit who was in basic at the same time commented “Terry and...
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