Okefenokee Swamp

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Okefenokee Swamp
Swamps can be seen in various perspectives and can convey different atmospheres associated with the respective swamp. The two passages on the Okefenokee Swamp both convey two different atmospheres and tones for the swamp, almost as if it was two different swamps. The author use of diction, detail and figurative language conveys how the swamp in the first passage is more inviting and safe versus the swamp in the second passage which is displayed in a more malicious tone.

The author’s use of diction in the first passage and the second passage regarding the swamp is extremely different from one another. Throughout the first passage the author uses diction such as “primitive”, “festooned” and “exotic” to describe the swamp. The author’s formal tone and word choice helps convey that the swamp is a peaceful and safe environment that is appealing to others as well as to the author. The diction helps support as if the author is trying to persuade others to come to this swamp and enjoy its beauty Unlike the first passage, in the second passage the author uses diction such as “unfathomable”, “unconquerable” and “misery of life” to convey the atmosphere of this swamp. The author sees the swamp in the second passage in a more malicious and dark light that almost seems to be repelling the reader. The tone the author holds is almost as if he is trying to repel the reader from coming and visiting the swamp. It is negative and does not display any of the attributes that are associated with the swamp; instead it is very critical and focuses on all the peculiarities of the swamp. The word choice that is used in both the passages varies from one another and conveys different atmospheres for the swamp.

Detail is a major factor throughout the two passages that helps distinguish the swamps in the passages from one another. In the first passage the author uses detail that have positive context such as, “Saucer-shaped depression of approximately 25 miles wide...
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