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Stellar Global Solutions, Philippines
G/F Superstore Bldg. Time Square St., Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City +63(2) 884-5300

Training started from April 12, 2011 to May 23, 2011
IT Department
Network , Helpdesk, Technical Support Division
-Technical Support
Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Care
-Network Manager- Eric Macatuggal
-Sr. Network Engineer- Lizardo Bantay Jr.
-Facilities Engineer- Kristoffer Santos
-Assistant Facilities Engineer- Cyrus Lopez
-Jr. Network Engineer- Gauis Manera
-Helpdesk Supervisor- Arvin Arcadio
-Helpdesk- Katrina Anne Villagracia
- Barbarra Christine Iguico
- Hela Mesina Lim
- Richard Fernandez
-Technical Support Engineers – Alejandro Realo
- PJ Vasquez - Silverio Guillermo - Rex Emil Janaban - Erwin Reynes - Peter Cheung

II. In-Plant Training Program

1. Objectives

To equip ourselves with the concept of computer and device networking. To provide knowledge in troubleshooting in computer systems software and hardware.

2. Schedules/Timetable

3. Plant Training

IT office
Business and Data Analytics
Airline account
Production Area ( Jetstar, AGL, Simply Energy, Cirque de Soleil, Purple( IP Relay) Workforce) Data room ( Network and Data Storage area)

4. References

Work Instruction Manual- technical support manual
Given upon employment and served as the soft-copy training for employees CBT Nuggets- network manual
Gives background and all needed information about CISCO SYSTEMS

III. Practical Activities

Information Systems (XML)=>MSSQL
They showed us how their system interconnects with the other system in other countries. They also let us try to compose on-line sign in forms that call center agents use to conduct their client’s personal information (e.g Name, Location, Account Number, and etc.) Generated forms translated to xml programming codes,(which uses XML-MSSQL) will then be sent to all database servers so that other stellar branches in other countries could also get information from those databases. Observed patching of cables to Cisco switches

They patch the cables from a switch to another switch using “PUTTY” software. We were only had chance to “just” connect those cables in the respective ports according to the diagram they have given us. Creating LAN cables

Application of what I’ve learned at DBTC about the basic colour-coding of UTP cables, proper crimping of RJ-45 plug onto the cable itself. Testing of LAN cables thru patching to switches
I test the network cables we created by plugging one end of the cable on unoccupied port in a switch and the other end must also be plugged on unoccupied port of another switch. If the each light on the corresponding ports flashes, it means that both ends of the cables worked successfully. Installation of Tight VNC remoting software with client-type setting We installed all PC in each department with VNC software but with custom settings (e.g we may be able to just remote their PC to access some admin files without confusingly locating their respective unit/place anymore. PC domain checking

We were asked to check the PC-domain names and if they are joined in their respective domains. We logged in as administrator on each computer so that we may be able to update and synchronise them (if there are any changes of information) according to the plan list given to us. Mitel VOIP checking

Mitel Telephones Voice over IP check.
The proper assigning of IP to ensure that all phones, used by the all agents, are using unique IP. Mitel phone configuration
Update phone...
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