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Narrative Report on the Job Training


Our school, General de Jesus College let us students to engage and experience the things happening in the actual world of Business through our On-The-Job-Training(Internship) in banks, auditing firms, and other business establishments related. We have given 250 hours to undergo and pursue this training that will help us to acquire knowledge and skills that will serve as a tool to face the challenges of life in the future. It will set our mind of what does a real world of accounting is all about. Others think that accounting matters only on numbers or quantitative information; however, it also matters or related in decision making and business operations. It also somewhat related to the development of our skills in communication, leadership and management. Thus, experience is vital to one’s improvement and preparing students to their career is the best way to set them on success. To hold this On-The-Job-Training (Denfhel Heart an Business administration) has chosen (Rural Bank of Jaen) as a training ground in promoting professionalism.

Goals/Objectives of the On-The-Job-Training:
On the Job Training is one method by which students ar exposed with different work situation designed to give students an opportunity to experience and a chance to apply the theories and computation that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. During and after training, It should be able to gain both Office Management and Personal skills to be acquired:

A. Office Management Skills:
1. Provided opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipments and documents. 2. To learn more about his/her chosen field and practice what he/she have learned from the academy. 3. To provide the students with a venue to achieve efficient knowledge to the use of office management skills in industry, government and academy. 4. Build up the student’s competence, professionalism in dealing with people, quality awareness, collaboration skills, critical thinking abilities, discipline, ingenuity and independence. 5. Provide agencies with opportunities to observed and evaluate potential staff. 6. Strong organizational skills and high ethical standards. 7. Ability to communicate with people at all levels.

8. Good judgement, discretion and initiatives.

B. Personal Skills:
1. To gain self confidence and maturity through attention to qualities which are needed in the word of work to prepare us. 2. To learn how to communicate with others.
3. To acquire ability to work harmoniously with employers, workers and customers.

Core Values of the Organization Being Observed:

The following are the organizational values, knowledge and ability that I have taken and developed during our OJT to become Productive Individuals.

 Commitment
We will be responsible in the performance of our assigned tasks as we dedicate ourselves to the vision and mission of the company and also to the goals of our school to have this training.

 Integrity
We are committed to uphold ourselves to the principles of honesty and transparency in all our actions. Furthermore, we should not be easily influence by others and to take unnecessary actions that will let us in breaking our integrity.

 Interpersonal Relationship
In order to have better communication with the employees/workers, they are always open to us whenever we have questions or we need some help. And because of regular communication with the employees, officials and co-trainees through daily encounter is one of the nice practices in order to develop not only our skills but in improving our relationship with them and to others.

 Teamwork
Teamwork is really important in any organizations...
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