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Ikaw na maglagay ng date, nitatamad nako e,
Tapos, dagdagan mo nlng ung note nung ibang holidays, nakalimutan ko na e, lumagpas nako ng holidays, ikaw nalang gumawa, oyy cheesy tong diary na to ah, kasi kunyari may nakilala ka :D ahah May mga iniwan din pala ako na blanks fill up-an mo nalang tignan mo ng mabuti baka may malagpasan ka, Finally my ___hours OJT is finally over. For 120 days I’ve learned a lot of things that I know I will never experience in my entire life without the help of (pinagOJThan mo). At first it’s hard for me to wake up too early and ride all alone to work specially riding a bus, but as time goes by my body is now used to my daily routine.

1. On our 1st day we had our orientation where we talked about the history of the company(hotel), the people behind its success, the policies, benefits, codes of conducts, etc. And then they toured us around the company(hotel), for us to be familiar with the place. 2. On my 2nd day, they have shown us the organizational chart, from the general manager down to the lowest positions. Then we already started our training on housekeeping, at first I find it hard to catch up with what the supervisor was teaching us, but eventually hours passed by and finally I’ve absorbed everything he taught us. 3. The next day, I thought I already knew everything about housekeeping, but I didn’t know that all I knew were just the basic, this day, they taught us about mastering all things that a housekeeper must be knowledgeable of, first they taught us about, how to prepare the cart, how to strip the room, taking the garbage out, making the beds, cleaning the bathroom, dusting the room, and last the finishing touches. 4. I was working with the same member of staff for the whole day and I believe that I interacted well with her even though I had only worked with her for a short period of time. I followed the instructions carefully and I felt I could ask her about any problem I had while I was working there. 5. I observed just how accurate employees have to be when working with the policy numbers if I made a mistake it could have cost the company and the customer a lot of money. 6. I observed that there was great communication between the staff which contributed to an excellent working environment. I also noticed that every member of staff had a computer where they do all their work. 7. I have always wanted to experience what it would be like to work in an office environment and have considered working in an office. This work experience will give me a chance to see if working in a hotel would suit me in the future. 8. I was really exhausted yesterday that I didn’t noticed that my limbs and joints are in pain, so, I wasn’t really that productive today, because I find it hard to move quickly because when I do, I can feel the intense pain in my muscles. 9. I’m feeling a lot better today than yesterday, so I’ve got to step-up and have a showoff I did my work real quick, so that my supervisor would really notice what I am doing, but sad to say he didn’t even noticed that I was present today, all he remembered was everything I did yesterday, how slow and ineffective I am, I was really disappointed hearing that from him, I wanted to say “do you even know how I performed today?” I was really pissed off today. 10. It was my rest day yesterday, but still I can’t forget about what happened on my last duty, that was really disappointing, I admit it, I didn’t do my best for today, I worked just like a normal employee, not that good but also not that bad. 11. I love this work; I can Enterprise, in the broadest sense, means making an idea happen. Whether it is at work, at school or in the wider community. It's about equipping you with the attitude and skills that will be important to you throughout your life. 12. As days goes by, I haven’t hear any complains, nor compliments from my supervisor, I was thinking of something that I can do so...
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