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The South
Historical Analysis

“Media Coverage on the O.J. Simpson Case”

“Kinda hard when youre sleeping on Dolce, wake up drinkin Rose, killin’ that white bitch, O.J.” (Young Jeezy, 2011)

On October 3rd 1995, one hundred and fifty million viewers tuned in to hear the verdict of the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial. The trial reached its height at the same time as both the Oklahoma City Bombing tragedy and the Bosnian War. Despite these two major world events occurring at this time the producer of NBC said that O.J’s trial was the biggest news story he had ever seen. (wiki). A scandal big enough to inspire a rap song is sure to draw in viewers, which is why the trial coverage overshadowed both the bombing and the war. The media places emphasis on scandals that they know will draw more viewers; this is because the sole concern of media industry is to improve their bottom line. O.J. Simpson is a man who wears many hats. Simpson is not only an ex professional football player and actor, but more recent ally a convicted felon. In 1968 he won the Heisman Trophy while playing for the University of Southern California and following that he played 11 years in the NFL. Though Simpson was known for his athletic abilities, he became an infamous house hold name in November of 1994. Over 20 years ago, O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death outside of the condo that Simpson owned in Brentwood, California. There were three factors that O.J. was named the prime suspect for this case. First, his behavior and appearance were testament to the fact that O.J. was upset with his ex wife for ending their relationship for the second time. Second, there was a hat and glove was found at the scene which serves as physical evidenc. The third proof was that there was DNA that matched Simpson, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. All of these facts were spread rapidly throughout media once they were found to be true. Media was all over this case since the very start of it. Within a few hours, there was already a book purposed about what had happened. Important media resources like the Los Angeles Times and the big three networks had an extensive amount of coverage on this incident. This had more airtime than the real world problems, like the bombing in Oklahoma and the Bosnian War combined. A factor in the extensive media coverage could do with the fact that Simpson worked in the media industry, including big time networks like NBC and ABC, which allowed him to have close relationships with people working in media. This led to the media to really blow up this case. During this time, there was also drama in the media about what to cover, where cameras were allowed to be and what was facts verse fiction. So many people had different views and took different sides that worked in media that people did not know what to believe in. Some coverage’s made him look like a hero and others made him look like the cruelest man alive. For example, in the July 1994 TIME magazine, O.J. was on the cover and the title was “When violence hits home”. This issue covered domestic violence and made it a topic of discussion in the media. Everywhere people looked there was something or someone talking about the O.J. Simpson trial. Obviously there were more important events that were happening the world at this time, but people like drama and this brought millions of people to be glued to their TV’s and still till this day, media is still talking about this story. It is now 2015 and people are still talking about what happening in November 1994. It has been over 20 years since what happened and this is still in the media. On the other hand, serious issues that went on in 1994 and rarely brought up or even remembered. There are kids who were not even alive then, but know who O.J. Simpson is, but if you mention the Oklahoma City Bombing, their responses would probably be like, “what is that?” With this being said, it shows how...

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