Oil Drilling

Topics: Petroleum, Biodiversity, Species Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: October 17, 2012
No Oil Drilling
In Protected Areas

Oil, or petroleum, is a complex mixture of various hydrocarbons and rock minerals found below the earth's surface. When the oil is extracted from the ground it is then refined into various gases or fuels and as a raw material, it can be used to make plastic, pesticides and many more uses. Oil drilling is a process of perforating the earth’s surface and rock layers to extract fossil fuels or oil for energy productions. Oil is found all over the world and it is drilled in many countries. It is formed from the organic decay of plants and animals that existed millions of years ago. Although oil is very useful but drilling it is commonly associated with environmental damages, as it requires the disruption and depletion of certain lands and their resources. As oil grows scarcer, companies look for more places to drill, and many now have their eyes on protected wildlife areas. Although drilling oil in Belize could be useful to the society therefore it should be banned from the protected areas because it will destroy the land, threatened endangered species and loss of ecosystems. Oil drilling will cause destruction to the land and pollution to the atmosphere. Drilling often requires the construction of roads, lodgings, oil derricks, and other buildings, which can be unsightly and disrupts the composition and fertility of the soil, as well as the drainage patterns that form naturally within it. This can have devastating effects on plant growth, as soil becomes either too polluted or too wet or dry to support life. In the case where there is too much deforestation, this can leads to destroying natural habitat and erosion of the soil causing another challenge to the land. When oil is drilled, it can result in spills on the land. This oil spilled seeps into underlying groundwater affecting us as humans. Although it is used to make fuels and gases for us to make our life easy but when these are burned, they releases toxic substances in...

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