Oil and Gas Proposal

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Perfect International LTD (PIL) “Oil & Gas”
Limited is a privately owned company incorporated under the Companies Act Cap.486 of the laws of Kenya. The Company is licensed to procure and market petroleum products in the domestic Kenyan market as well as for export to the neighbouring Great Lakes region in Africa. The full range of petroleum products are marketed by the Company, these include Petrol (PMS)

Refinery margin system (RMS)
Dual purpose kerosene (DPK)
Diesel (AGO)
Industrial diesel (IDO)
Jet engine fuel (A1)
Fuel oil

Perfect International Limited commenced her operations in (year) and became a signatory to the Kenya Petroleum refinery ltd Agreement in (year), and at the same time became a signatory to the KPC Transport & Storage agreement enabling it to lift products directly through the KPC system.


Company Objectives
* To develop and maintain a high standard of service to the Company's customers as well as to ensure supply and delivery of quality products while supplying value for money. To continuously improve efficiency and productivity * To generate and maintain a sustainable cash flow from the operations and post acceptable and consistent returns on investment (ROI) for the shareholders so as to achieve investor confidence. * To ensure that overheads are contained and a low cost base maintained without compromising the quality of services to the Company's customers. * To encourage innovation and creativity by all employee's. * To conduct business as a responsible corporate member of the society, abiding by the laws and regulations of the country.

Human Resource and Services
Perfect International Limited comprises five divisions namely;

   1. Supply Planning and Operations
   2. Sales and Marketing
   3. Finance and Administration
   4. Information Systems
   5. Corporate Affairs and HR

The company has a qualified, dynamic and experienced workforce that enjoys immense support from its parent company.

In total, The Company presently employs (xxxx) staff members. Perfect International limited recognizes that a crucial element towards achieving the Company's objectives is a satisfied and highly motivated workforce. It is as a result of this that the Company is committed to maintaining a lean & flat organization structure aimed at creating an enabling environment that fosters professionalism, personal development, commitment to duty and a keen sense of responsibility amongst the entire workforce.

Product Summary:
The company aims supply the full range of petroleum products namely: * Premium motor spirit (Super)
* Automotive gas oil (Diesel)
* Illuminating Kerosene
* JET A1
* Fuel Oils 180 CST and 125 CST.
* Industrial diesel oils or furnace oils
* Bulk LPG (Liquified petroleum gas)
* Bitumen (Bulk 80/100, 60/70 and drummed 80/100, Cutbacks -MC30)

Product Details
1) Refined products
* Premium motor spirit (PMS): Also known as Super. Premium gives greater power to the vehicle, improves mileage and reduces maintenance costs and emissions. It can be found in 2 forms: - leaded and unleaded. It is sold in bulk i.e. in tankers only * Diesel: Also known as Automotive gas oil (AGO). It is sold in bulk * Kerosene: Illuminating kerosene (IK) /JET A1. It is sold in bulk 2) Black Oils

* Bitumen: Bitumen is sold in 3 grades. These include Bitumen 80/100, 60/70 and MC130 cut back. MC130 cut back, also known as Liquid bitumen is used in road construction. Bitumen is sold in both bulk and drummed. * Fuel Oil: Found in two types: Fuel oil 180 CST and Fuel oil 125 CST. The use of fuel oil depends on altitude above sea level. Fuel oil 125 CST is good for higher altitudes while Fuel oil 180 CST is ideal for lower altitudes. * IDO: Industrial diesel oils

3) Gases
* LPG: Liquified petroleum gas

Some challeges in the petroleum sector.
 1. Loading Facilities For Fuel Oil And LPG
Due to...
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