Oh The Places You Will Go

Topics: High school, Believe, Prayer Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: January 26, 2014

Oh the Places You’ll Go

Growing up in a very strict environment as a child, I questioned many things that I was told to do. My dad once told me that there are three important things that I need to always do in life. My dad taught me how to be a prayer warrior, respect my elders and to always work hard. Over the years, I lived by my dad’s advice, and it has truly paid off.

As a child, I was always taught to pray and to always equip my life and decision with prayer. I vividly recall as a child being taught to pray when I wake, at meal time, before going to bed, when we went to church and any other time when I wanted to have an intimate moment with God. With my dad being a pastor, I recall many moments witnessing my dad pray for someone during altar call and seeing them receive their healing. My dad not only said to pray to give thanks, but that I could ask God for anything and with faith, I shall receive it. Being born premature, I encountered many health issues. As a teenager I had pneumonia 5 years back to back from age 11 to 16 and with prayer, I was healed every time. I learned to model my life as my dad said and now I believe I am a living and walking testament of prayer changes things.

My dad always said, “Respect will take your places where money can’t”. I was always told to respect my elders and have manners regardless of what happened. I often felt the pianist at my dad’s church picked on me and treated me unfairly. I always managed to respect her and be nice to her although I don’t feel she reciprocated. My dad’s pianist was also the Superintendent of the local school district. I was blessed to be able to finish high school a semester early and due to my communication with her and always respecting her as my parents said, she offered me a part-time intern position with the school district. I was able to graduate high school and work in the district office. The opportunity to work and gain experience with my local school district was such...
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