Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq (Primary Source)

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, Istanbul Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: October 2, 2006
The primary source assignment is on an article written on Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq. The primary source is split up into two main parts entitled "Suleyman the lawgiver" and "Woman in Ottoman Society." These parts of the article explain the views of Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq on the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. The primary source will be explained through the basic information, expectation and interpretation of the source, and the understanding of the author's beliefs and experiences.

The basic information of the source will be explained by the author and his background, the events, and the intentions of the article. The author of the article is Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq, but published by C.T. Foster and F.H. Blackburne Daniell. The background of Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq is that he is "the ambassador from Austria to Suleyman's court at Istanbul from 1554-1562." He was dispatched due to the wake of the unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529. After the dispatch "his mission was to use diplomatic skills to prevent another possible attack on the city." In the first letter, Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq is writing about Sultan Suleyman between the times of 1520 to 1566, in Turkey. The letter of the "Women in Ottoman Society" is between the same times, but seems that Ogier Gheslin de Busbecq explains about the whole Ottoman Empire not just in Turkey as the Suleyman letter. The intentions that this article is bringing to show Europe about the ways of the Ottoman Empire through the Sultan, Suleyman, and the lack of respect woman get in the Ottoman Empire.

The expectation and interpretation are from who the source is writing to, what is expected in the events, historical circumstances are shaped and the understanding of the historical period. The source is writing these letters to give examples for the problems that are wrong with the Ottoman Empire, by writing down the weakness in the Sultan through about what he thinks qualities are, like war,...
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