Offshore Oil Drilling Factsheet

Topics: Petroleum, Drilling rig, Oil platform Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Deep water offshore oil drilling should be banned

Key TermsSources
Energy Security
Oil Spill

Fact Set
Offshore oil drilling are done with oil rigs/platforms built in the ocean •Oil drilling started around 1891
Offshore oil drilling is supported by Republicans, as started in their phase, “Drill Baby Drill!”

Arguments in favor of banning deep water offshore oil drilling •Offshore oil drilling is harmful to the environment. Oil waste, i.e produced water, pollutes the surrounding water. •Waste created by offshore drilling also harms aquatic life in the surrounding area. It harms biodiversity and will unbalance aquatic life. •Offshore oil drilling is extremely dangerous and can lead to catastrophic explosions and oils spills, such as the BP oil spill. Oil spills such as these cost millions upon millions of dollars to clean up, and the oil also desecrated the nearby area with oil. Fish in that area were polluted, and the fishing industry suffered a huge strike, too. •Constructing oil rigs for offshore oil drilling is very expensive. The cost can range from 1 million to 5 billion dollars. •Oil drilling along certain areas, such as the Gulf of Mexico disrupts military training. United States Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld states that new planes need a large area to efficiently test and try out maneuvers and weapon systems, and oil drilling platforms would reduce the range in which fighters could test, reducing their effectiveness. •There are other different ways to find energy, such as hydroelectricity, nuclear power, geothermal energy, etc. Arguments against banning deep water offshore oil drilling

Drilling for oil will increase our energy security. Currently, the United States gets oil mainly from trade. If the Middle East decides to stop trading with the United States, the United Stats will be low on oil, rendering us weak. It would be a repeat of the...
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