Office Space Leaders

Topics: Leadership, Office Space, Gary Cole Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: December 6, 2005
"Office Space" is a movie filled with bad leaders. Most of the characters put in leadership roles got there probably through a college degree. The best leader in the movie is a man who rarely shows up for work and masterminds a plot to steal the company's money.

Our main character, Peter Gibbons, is hypnotized into caring about absolutely nothing. However, outside of the workplace he shows great leadership by spearheading the plot to rip Initech off for thousands of dollars. He shows natural leadership abilities from the Trait Approach. Peter is someone that people listen to and follow instinctively.

Peter's boss in the office is Bill Lumbergh. What a flounder this guy is. The only way I can describe him is through the Skills Approach. He probably has a business degree and has been therefore thrust into a management position. However, he never learned any skills for leading nor was he born with any. No one listens to him and everyone tries their best to avoid him.

Milton Waddams cannot be described as much of a leader. He mumbles through the whole movie and never has a leadership role. If he had to be described somehow, I'd put him as an authority-compliance leader. If you don't do as he says, he will burn down the building.

The Bob's are two consultants brought in to help Initech decide which employees to keep and which to let go. Although their job is firing people, I place the Bob's as country club management. They are easy going and generally care a good deal about their coworkers. They talk more than they really work.

Stan from Chotchkie's is another great example of a flounder. He has no leadership skills. He gives false impressions by not saying what needs to be said. I describe Stan's leadership as impoverished on Blake and Mutton's grid. The watcher get almost an awkward feel just by watching the way he leads in the movie.
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