Office Management

Topics: Management, Control, Organization Pages: 4 (1122 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Management simply means to control or to administer. Office management means the method of controlling an office so as to enable to achieve a given aim. In our modern society, all kinds, or business are carried on by a group of people, who have enough knowledge in their respective fields.

But group of people, who are working for a common object, must be guided and controlled by a leader or an authority. This is the function of the management. Management is a technique of leadership or control of an office in order to attain the aimed result through the efforts of other people in grouped activities.

This is possible when the office is properly organized and managed. Office function is carried on by a group of people for a common result, by giving services to the organization. The management has to organize the office in such a way as to attain the objectives.

It is the function of the management to organize, guide and control the whole activities of the office personnel for a common aim. That is why in the present era, the personnel management has become a specialized subject.

Before entering into the next topic, it would be essential to understand the meaning of administration, management and organization. Sheldon summaries them in the following words:

"Administration is the function in industry concerned in the determination of the corporate policy, the co-ordination of finance, production and distribution, the settlement of the compass of the organization and the ultimate control of the executive."

"Management proper is the function in industry concerned in the execution of policy, within the limits set up by the administration and the employment of the organization for the particular objects set before it."

"Organization is the process of so combining the work which individuals or groups have to perform with the faculties necessary for its execution that the duties, so framed, provide the best channels for the efficient, systematic, and...
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