Office Layout Can Improve the Productivity.

Topics: Employment, Office, Open plan Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Written by, Aimi Tajudin

Employees nowadays want a comfortable place at their office. It is because they would like to improve their working environment. Up to now, office layout is one of the most important things in the office. In addition, according to Haynes (as cited in Ilozor,2002) the physical properties of the office environments can be used to influence organizational performance. In this regard, the layout of the office can help to improve productivity such it provides good support for meetings with uninstructed group work, improve team work, enhance good working environment and increase job satisfaction. Firstly, it can help to improve the productivity in office such as support for meetings with uninstructed work. Workstation is important to boost employee well-being. Which is to say, the employee will work more effectively and its can reduce their stressful. Other than that, working environment needs to be arranged properly with a suitable layout. Trickett (1993) states that workplaces and layout which are variable to be reflected in the variety of carry out organizational performance. It is well-known that, open-plan office is associated with increasing the measure of staff productivity on supporting informal meeting. It is very likely that, layout of the office can provide workplace flexibility intern of makes employee easy to form group and involved in meeting. In the same way, they also need to provide a degree of personal territory and require social interaction encouraged by appropriate group layouts which is a sense of autonomy should be conveyed by the organization. In this respect, the physical relationships between working groups of people and office layout opportunities allow for meetings and provide for informal discussion to improve the productivity in the office. Unsurprisingly the impact of office layout onto productivity can improve team work and communication. It is also proved that, communicative ability among employee is...

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