Office Extern Environment

Topics: 2012 Summer Olympics, United Kingdom, Pentland Group Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Office's External environment analysis

-Customer is more brand-minded1
-Young consumer is believed much in advertising promotion and use Internet as the primary sources of information.2
- Woman's consumer dominated the footwear market.1
- Changes in fashion have influenced the market considerably in recent years, with footwear becoming just as important as clothing for the fashion conscious.1 - 48 % of online consumers indicate that they have purchased footwear online. 3

The leading competitors in the current marketplace include C&J Clark Ltd and the Pentland Group, both of which have managed to maintain their positions in the market in spite of the recession. The latter that distributes a number of popular sports footwear brands, has continued to move into more fashion/sports-focused areas of the market, while Clarks has remained the leading footwear retailer in the UK, after extending their consumer reach through a number of successful advertising campaigns.1

UK footwear market which according to Key Note Market report, was worth around £7.98bn in 2011. Although the market has increased in value since 2007, growth has not been steady, with sales declining in 2009 following the recession. However, growth returned in 2010, as consumer confidence once again increased and the economy began to recover. The future of the footwear market remains positive, with sales expected to increase sustainably in 2012, due to 2012 London Olympics. The event is likely to boost sales of sports footwear in particular, while adidas, which is the official sportswear sponsor of the event. Between 2012 and 2016, sales are expected to increase year-on-year and by 16.2% overall. 1

Footwear retailer market shares4
 | 2007| 2012e|
 | %| %|
 |  |  |
C&J Clark| 11.9| 11.1|
Sports Direct| 6.0| 7.9|
Marks & Spencer| 7.0| 7.1|
JD Sports Fashion| 5.4| 6.6|
Next| 4.5| 4.9|
Kurt Geiger| 2.4| 4.2...
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