Office Design to Sustain Creativity

Topics: Nature, Environment, Creativity Pages: 4 (882 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Buildings will support inner and outer senses, as well as physical well being by enhancing biophilic qualities as they combine utility with beauty.

As interaction with domestic animals has proven therapeutic affects, there will be an area to play with puppies when employees feel stressed. Emotional highs are created through love, music, poetry and literature. There will be rooms solely dedicated to reading and listening to music and there will be inspirational quotes doted on walls so that employees have these highs during work.

Buildings will be glass fronted and there will be no solid walls merely glass patricians maximising the natural light. Senses will be stimulated by shapes, colours, textures and features. Designs will not overwhlem employee by being overly complicated. Employees will each have plants and fish to care for, so as to be intimately connected with nature.

There will be a playful element to the organisation so that employees have fun at work, they come to work and they work at work. Serious play encourages teamwork which results in holistically engaged staff. The cube furniture represents un-manifested potential and aims to unleash creativity.

Offices will be in urban areas to minimise commuting times for employees and allow pedestrian access to amenities. The impression of being in a rural setting surrounded by nature will be created as cars will be parked underground.

There will be communal areas at several points throughout the building. These will create a sense of community, by blurring breaking down barriers between different skill-sets, and encourage innovation and collaborations through collective problem


Furniture will echo the function it is to fulfill, whether it’s when eating, completing individual projects or collaborating. Geometry will be inspired by numerology and spiral patterns that...
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