Office Automation System

Topics: Spreadsheet, Word processor, Mathematics Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: April 18, 2009
Generally, there are three basic activities of an office automation system: data storage of information, data exchange, and data management. Office automation refers to computer, software and machinery combine to accomplish basic tasks in the work place. Data storage includes office forms and documents. Word processing accommodate textual and spreadsheet applications handling in numbers. Word processing is the most basic and common office automation activity. The input is usually via keyboard to manipulation of text on a computer. Today’s commercial word processing applications provide users with a sophisticated set of commands to format, edit, and print text documents. One of the most popular features of word processing packages are their preformatted document templates. Templates automatically set up such things as font size, paragraph styles, headers and footers, and page number so that the user does not have to reset document characteristics every time they create a new record. Word processing helps documents work easier and faster than typewriter in the old day. Office forms and documents are organized, saved time, and increased in productivity. Spreadsheet programs allow the manipulation of numeric data. Early popular spreadsheet programs such as Visi Calc and Lotus 123 greatly simplified common business financial record keeping. Particularly useful among the many spreadsheet options is the ability to use variables in pro forma statements. The pro forma option allows the user to change a variable and have complex formula automatically recalculated based on the new numbers. It works like a large calculator and extremely powerful. Many business use spreadsheets for financial management, financial projection, and accounting. An example of spreadsheet use would be to calculate sales profits for the current year and can be presented in graph. The range of formula that can be applied is from basic to complex calculations to calculate different scenarios....
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