Office Automation Paper
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Introduction The term office automation applies to all tools and technique that are useful to office activities which make it probable to process visual, written, and sound information in computer-aided method. Office automation is proposed to provide elements that make it probable to abridge, improve, and automate the organization of the activities of a business or a group of individuals. Taking into consideration that businesses require better communication, today, office automation is not restricted to basically capturing handwritten notes.
Describe the use of the systems Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally store, collect, manipulate, create, and transmit office data required for achieving tasks and goals. Electronic transfer, raw data storage, and the management of electronic business data include the necessary functions of an office-automated system. Office automation essential form, data subsist as graphs, messages, memos, letters, and records is electronically transmitted, raw data is received between the different departments or employees (Encyclopedia of Business, 2011).
Describe the environment in which it is used My employer utilizes a variety of office automation systems that applies to business and communication functions. Email software allows users via computer keyboards, to construct, send, and receive messages and or files to or from all different branches throughout the company. The email software also allows users to prioritize, file or filter messages forward email messages to other users, users can also create and store drafts of messages. A conformation of a sent message is vitally important which ensures the receiver received the message. Email is very well liked because it’s simple to use, offers high-speed delivery, and is low-priced (BookRag, 2011). Voicemail is another office-automated system that is utilized. The telephone answering machine receives incoming voice

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