Office Art Memo

Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Office Art Memo
Jeffrey D Covington
Hum 112 – World Cultures II
Dr. Byron Wess
Strayer University
August 25th, 2013

In this paper I will be writing a memorandum to my “boss” about various pieces of art (s)he wants me to pick out to decorate the new corporate offices. I will be identifying three examples of 19th century Impressionist painting or sculpture and three Post-Impressionist works. In this memo I will explain how the six pieces of art fall into these two styles. Also I will describe the appearance of the six choices I pick to my CEO so (s)he will know what the art looks like and where it would be placed in the corporate offices. This memo will explain why each piece is considered to be historically significant. Lastly, I will explain how each piece “fits” my company’s overall (or desired) corporate image. Also, how it says something about the owner. Office Art Memo

I am going to explain why my company will be the right fit for the paintings I am about to describe so it is clear where I am coming from with the explanations. The company I “work” is going to be a calm, mellow environment. Where there is no stress and the work we do is open minded. When the clients walk in and see the paintings I want them to feel comfortable and feel at home when they walk in. The Cliffs at Etretat

The Cliffs at Etretat portrait was painted by Claude Monet (1840-1926) in 1885. This portrait is an Impressionist painting. I chose this painting for the office because it is very steady and at peace. “Recording the spectacular shapes of the cliffs and the changeable weather conditions of the English Channel. In Monet's painting, the cliffs rise out of the water -- half in cool shadow, half in warm, bright sunlight -- dwarfing the tiny boats with their orange sails, which glide between and around them.” It would brighten up the office the way that Monet made the visual effects to make it more sunlit. It would fit well in the office because that is the theme my...

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Last Name, F. M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name.
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