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Topics: Baking, Regulation, Cake Pages: 5 (1317 words) Published: March 14, 2014
My Principles of Business School Based Assessment

Name:John Hamilton
Teacher:Ms P.Hinds
Subject:Principles of Business

Table of Contents
Description of the Business Page 1 Justification of the Location Page 2 Selection of appropriate labour Page 3 Sources of Fixed and Working Capital Page 4 Role of the Entrepreneur Page 5 Type of Production Page 6 Levels of Production &Quality Control Measures Page 7-8 Use of Technology Page 9 Linkages Page 10 Pontential for Growth Page 11 Government Regulation Page 12 Ethical Issues Page 13


Principles of Business is a subject which is very developed and well taught in the Caribbean. Information was found from the CXC Principles of Business with School Based Assessment study guide & Excercises Carlong Publishers by Karlene Robinson and Sybile Hamil and also on the World Wide Web. Page 1


I would like to thanks my Teacher Miss Hinds for giving me this SBA assignment to do which helped me in using my time wisely,I will also like to thank myself for trying to do this work on my own,and last but not least,I would like to thank god for giving me the strength and knowledge to do this SBA. Page 2


This Business is a “Bakery” by the name of delightful pastries and as you may know that I am the owner of this Business which is a soletrader type of business because I started this business on my own and I also control decision making in this business.And as you may also know a soletrader business is also known as a one man business.A soletrader business is a type of business that is operated,controlled and managed by one person.

The Nature of Business in Delightfull Pastries which is the business that I am currently running would be Delicies. Delicies are things like donuts, cakes, apples, and cookies. Page 1
Delightfull Pastries is located at Angels Plaza, Spanish town St Catherine. THREE REASONS TO JUSTIFY THE LOCATION
The reason for the location of my business at angels plaza Spanish Town is because 1. The land I am currenly operating on,was the most suitable and most available at the time. 2. It was one of the best are because there wasn’t any bakery nearby and the plaza was well secured. 3. The business is most of all located at this area,because of the low crime rate in this area where the plaza is located and it influences the site because there are lots of business that may need pastries,for eg,a shop,wholesale or store so that is the reason for the location of my business. Page 3

In my business “Delightfull Pastries” My main Objective/Mission statement is hoping to see the business reaching International in the future,and opening up opportunities for people who are willing,hardworking,cooperative,honest and creative.Deligthfull Pastries will look forward on becoming the best bakery in the will also cater to the needs of everyone,both young and old and both poor and delightfull pastries,I also hope that the business will make lots of profits and that we will give back to our wonderful customers and everyone will enjoy,appreciate and find pleasure in our tast delightfull pastry products. Page 2

Selection of Appropriate Labour...
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