Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sex offender, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: April 1, 2013
This paper is a personal opinion on the judicial aspects of how the U.S government and we as a society look at and keep up with people who want to, try to, or feel the urge to harm our children. It contains opinions and facts related to this subject only.|

It is often surprising and disturbing that we, as a people, have come to a point where the protection and safety of society has come down to a “list”. We are always faced with list in life. There’s the grocery list, to do list, the honey-do list and even a list of the dreaded chores. But, to this day, no list is more important or more scrutinized for its information then the register for sexual offenders list. This list contains names and other important information about the people on this list. What we learn from it and we take the time to learn what establishes the qualifications to be on it, it’s clear why we have it. The sexual offenders list was created so that we as a society could have access to the where about of people who may be a danger to kids and families. It is this information that has sparked a huge controversy in our country and threw out the world. Some say this list invades privacy and promotes vigilante like mentality. Other, like I, believe it is a necessary evil that requires constant updating and checking to ensure this is accurate information. Megan’s law is named after Megan Nicole Kanka. A seven year old girl in New Jersey who on July 29, 1994, was lured into a house with the promise of seeing a puppy but instead was brutally raped and murdered by a man who had been convicted in 1981 of an attack on a five year old child and attempted sexual assault on a seven year old. Megan’s law, first passed in New Jersey, and signed in December of 1994, made specific mandates for active community notifications which ensure that the community will be made aware of the presence of convicted sex offenders that may impose a threat to public safety. As well as...
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