Off Task Behaviors

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Action Research Proposal
Sandra Kreiser

For my action research plan, I am interested in finding out what causes off task behaviors in my students while in the classroom. I’m also researching how best to respond to those behaviors when they occur. Through a 7 question survey I will also learn what causes them to be distracted in class in addition to when they feel they are the most focused. Finding out when they are The students will answer a 7 question survey on a computer which was created through Google Docs. I will analyze the data using spreadsheets and graphs. From the data I collect I’m looking to find what distracts them the most, what keeps them focused, and how to get them back on task once they get off. I will then use that information and apply it to my students when they get off task.

Section #1
In order to help me target why students in my classroom are off task and how best to get them back on track, I created a survey in Google Docs. The students who took the survey did include students with ADHD as well as those without. The seven question survey can be found below or can be accessed at What do you find more interesting in class? *

* partner activities
* small group activities
* Smartboard activities
* class discussions

Which of the following distracts you most in class? *
* other student's behavior
* items in your desk
* materials on the walls or bulletin boards
* sitting for long periods of time

When is it easiest for you to stay focused in class? *
* It is easiest to stay focused in class when I like the subject being taught. * It is easiest to stay focused before lunch.
* It is easiest to stay focused after lunch.
* It is easiest to stay focused after recess.

Which of the following is most true about your focus in class? * * I can remain focused for an entire class.
* I am sometimes able to focus for an entire class.
* I am never able to stay focused for an entire class.
* My focus depends on the class I'm in.

Which describes your behavior at your desk? *
* It is easy for me to sit quietly at my desk.
* It is sometimes easy for me to sit quietly at my desk. * It is hard for me to sit quietly at my desk.
* I get up often from my desk and walk around.

When you are not focused on a task, what is the best way for the teacher to get you on task? * * To say my name
* To tap me on the shoulder
* To tell me what I should be doing
* To stand at my desk

Which of the following best describes how others are affected by your behavior in the classroom? * * My behaviors do not distract other students or the teacher. * My behaviors sometimes distract other students or the teacher once a week. * My behaviors distract other students or the teacher more than once a week. * My behaviors distract other students or the teacher every day.

Section #2
After creating the survey, I sent the link to my partner, Patricia Kilynaek. She said she liked the survey and found nothing that needed to be changed. Section #3
I did not need special permission in order to do this assignment. Section #4
I had fifteen students in third, fourth, and fifth grades submit their answers to the survey using the Google form. The survey was made available to them over three days. Section #5
I organized my data by creating a spreadsheet in Google docs. The spreadsheets compiled all the student responses.
In order to show the responses to my survey questions, I created a graph for each of the questions. Each bar graph shows the compiled responses from all fifteen students who completed the survey. Question #1

Question #2

Question #3

Question #4

Question #5

Question #6

Question #7

After reviewing the data in my spreadsheet and charts, I...

References: Geng, Gretchen (2011). “Investigation of Teachers’ Verbal and Non-Verbal Strategies for Managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Students’ Behaviors Within a Classroom Environment”, Australian Journal of Teacher Education: Vol. 36: Iss. 7, Article 2.
Silver, Larry M.D. (2011). “How Recess Promotes Focus for ADHD Children”, ADDitude.
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