Off Site Visits

Topics: Management, Risk, Leadership Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: April 18, 2013
EXPLAIN THE PREPARATION AND SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN IN OFF SITE VISITS. Safety is our top priority even the shortest visits need to be thoroughly planned and requires its own risk assessment. All are off site visits for this age group (2yrs-3yrs old) are local. All visits our thoroughly planned and a risk assessment is carried out. A visit is made to all new places/venues. The risk assessment includes details of the modes of travel, possible hazard areas and precautions to minimise the risks, staffing ratio, medical and special needs of pupil and staff, and staff telephone contact details. The risk assessment is reviewed before a second visit is made. The register is taken before the children leave the centre. The children our counted at regular intervals throughout the visit and on return. The children remain under supervision at all times. Before the group/ party leaves the centre key person/ managers will provide a list/ register of everyone including adults travelling with the group/ party. Together with a time table/ programme for the offsite visit. The children are briefed in advanced about the visit. Parent/carers of children taking part in the offsite visits/activities should be provided with all appropriate information about the intended visit. Parent/carers must give their permission in writing before a child can be included in any off site activity .The children leave the centre mostly in pushchairs, the children that walk, walk in pairs, hand in hand. When walking by roads an adult will walk in front, middle and behind. The children taking part in offsite visits are 2-3yrs old, the ratio is 1 adult and 4 children. There are always two key persons one designated as group leader for the visit. All adults accompanying a party/ group must be made aware by the managers of the emergency procedures which will apply. Each adult should be provided with an emergency...
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