Off Shore Drilling

Topics: Petroleum, Drilling rig, Oil spill Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Off Shore Drilling
My topic is on off- shore drilling. It refers to the discovery and development of gas and oil which lie underwater through drilling a well. This content will tell you the pros and cons of this event and what it’s doing to our community. We’ll know what off-shore drilling is suppose to do for our economy in this review. I’ve started out my research with and branched off of it to and clicked on “Just how dangerous are oil rigs.” (secondary source) On April 20, 2010 the Gulf of Mexico off the Coast of Louisiana 50 miles off coast, 115 lives make it to safety. Eleven are unaccounted for. In 2008 one hundred twenty people were killed in a simular incident according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Greg McCormack, (primary source) director of the Petroleum Extension Service in Texas stated, “These events are low probability with a high consequence. It’s a hazardous business and that is what the industry has to deal with on a daily bases.” Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued multi -million dollar fines to Energy Company BP who leases the Deepwater Horizon, due to safety issues and workers are paying for it with their lives! This is a tragedy that is unnecessary. On (secondary source) I found that Federal Regulators had already been working on new safety rules before this April 20 incident. They claim that most of these incidents are human errors and are rarely due to equipment failure. So far the Louisiana off-shore explosion is unknown to why this happened. They are still investigating. CBS news states that Obama has no plan to stop this off-shore drilling. He believes it can be done safely, securely, and without harming the environment. What is this doing to our environment? Well, I went to (secondary source) and found that there are over 56,000 off-shore oil and gas platforms in the U.S. already open to drilling. They said leaks and spills are inevitable. An...
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