Off Campus Essay

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Remainder, Crimes Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Wandering kids… Bumper to bumper traffic… Drug dealing… Is this the picture drawn when local students have fifty minutes of freedom during lunch to do whatever they please? Students should not be allowed to leave their school campus during lunch. An open campus would lead to truancy, disturb local businesses and neighborhoods, and cause crime. Truancy can occur among students if an open campus is accepted. If students have the privilege to leave school for fifty whole minutes on their own, then they have the freedom to not come back. It would break the trust between students and educators, and harsher rules would have to be enforced on the open campus rule. Numerous students who decide to ditch the remaining periods would have an excessive amount of in-school absences. This could lead to parent conferences and suspension, and possibly expulsion in some cases. When a student misses or skips a class, the information taught that day would not be accessible in the same format which others have learned. One's academic grades can be effected from lack of information by truancy. Irresponsible students who choose to take the risk of leaving their school after lunch for the remainder of the day will not have this opportunity if an open campus is kept closed. Local businesses and neighborhoods can be disturbed if open campuses are permitted during the lunch hour. When groups of students are on their break, they can cause a commotion and be quite noisy among one another. Residents dwelling in their homes become upset by these major and minor disturbances, especially the elderly. Quietness is important to many people doing work in their homes and offices, and this can be disrupted by groups of students walking around creating a stir. Lunch is possibly one of the most praised recesses in a day because it is the longest break between work. Students who drive often go to their favorite restaurants and diners for lunch. They can lead to an increase in...
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