Of Youth and Age - Francis Bacon

Topics: Ethics, Human, Religion Pages: 6 (1867 words) Published: October 12, 2012

Step 1: Introduction

1.The trial that Jesus offers us to this 1st century young man in this Markan account is that he wants to teach the young man what really is important in life. Having many objects as treasure does not mean that it is something you have to have. The challenge to me and the rest of the youth as a student in the 21st century is that the different kinds of objects are seen as something very valuable. The most valuable things in life to treasure is your family and the love shared between each other.


• Shelter
• Respect
• Honesty
• Generous
• Don’t be self-righteous
• Forgiving
• Don’t hold a grudge
• Don’t be a hypocrite
• Live a moral life

Step 2: Catholic Social Teaching

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Step 3: Human Dignity
5.Dignity of Work/Rights of Workers – Created in God’s image, individuals are intended for life with God. Although that life goes past anything we can think of, it will achieve what is best in us.

Rights and Responsibilities - Our capability for freedom and obligation is the origin of what we call integrity. “Deep within their consciences, people discover a law they do not make for themselves but are bound to obey, whose voice, always calling them to love, to do good and to avoid evil, echoes in their hearts when necessary with the command… conscience is a person’s most intimate core and sanctuary, where he or she is alone with God whose voice resounds within…”

Human dignity – Understanding human dignity has broad consequences, for others and for us. It belongs to every individual, and must be appreciated and raised in all.

6.The source of human dignity is in God. “You are here on earth because God made you. You come from him, you belong to him. And you will go to him. God is the source and the goal of your life.” Our duty is to create the gifts of mind and heart that God has offered us, and to place them at the use of our families and societies. To do this, is to react to God’s meaning for us, and to make our own existence valuable.

Step 4: “Imago Dei”

1.The new visions about God and/or in my connection with God that I got from this article was that neglecting God is something we Christian’s can’t do because God is our faith and hope. He supports us to find the solutions in all our problems by giving us a task that has a moral ending.

2. This article tests the way I think around God by giving us examples of how to manage with everyday problems that God gives us. However He challenges us everyday with situations, He will never give us a challenge we cannot handle. God is neither male nor female. He is the spirit in us that gives us hope and faith towards our challenges.

3.The main inspiration of how we do not treat all people in the image and likeness of God is picking and harassing the gay and/or homosexuals. This is seen in school and in society. Some churches ban gay human beings from their church because of the fact that the church rule is to not be selfish on having feelings for both men and women.

Step 5: Freedom, Conscience and Sin

1.I understood conscience as a voice in the back of my head telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. I can recognize it now because of the things that I have gone through in my 17+ years of living. My integrity grew more and more as I grew up knowing that some things can catch up to you in the future. My conscience trained me to know what is right and what is incorrect.

2.As you read the definitions underline or highlight the ones that most clearly help you to understand conscience.

3.Choose the two definitions that you like the most and write 5 sentences on each as to why these are the most meaningful for you. • Conscience deals with knowing and deciding. Briefly, it is a person’s sense of right and wrong, his awareness of responsibility. It is there when a person realizes he/she...
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