Of Youth and Age

Topics: Food, Person, Psychology Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Don’t Feed the Bears

Is our government really helping people, or just feeding bears? This is an excellent question that went well with this paper. This question also goes right along with our country’s economic state, which is what this writer, Timothy Burns, is writing on. In his paper he starts off with a story about his life and he uses an example of feeding bears to connect to what our government is doing in our economy. Even though Timothy starts with a story of his life he still has the four points to justifying and evaluating a paper: a well-presented subject, a well-supported judgment, an effective counterargument and a readable plan. Timothy presents his subject in the form of an example. He writes about how feeding bears in and of itself is dangerous. He gives good examples of how feeding the bears create a safety problem for future campers and health issues for the bears. It is not good to feed the bears because once they become accustom to human food they abandon foraging for nuts, berries, and honey in the wild. As he finishes with the bears as his subject he brings his subject to relate with our economy to day and different social programs to help those who are in need. Timothy did an excellent job of writing out his subject and using examples to transition and compare to the subject; it was well-presented. Just as he used an example to compare and transition to his subject he also uses an example to compare and transition to his well-supported judgment. His judgment is, “Why would any animal work hard to scavenge food when a bear can rip the lid from a trash can and enjoy a gourmet human meal?” This is exactly true why would that bear want to do more work than what is required for him to be able to eat. After he states his example with the bears he moves his well-supported judgment to how it relates to our government and economy. “It may seem compassionate, and even Christ-like to provide food, housing, medical care, discounts on mortgages, loan...
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