Of the Servants and Slaves in Virginia

Topics: Slavery, Indentured servant, Indenture Pages: 1 (591 words) Published: October 1, 2014
 Why do you think that the document makes such a strong distinction between the male and female slaves and servants? What does this say about a women’s place in society (slave or servant)? I think the document makes such a strong distinction between male and female slaves and servants because it gives the reader an idea of just how different it was between being man or woman, slave or servant. I think Number 51 gives the best picture of the differences between female servants and slaves as well as the beginnings of racism during the beginning of the eighteenth century. This part of the account says that female servants rarely worked outside and if they did then the plantation owners were taxed. However, female slaves could work outside and owners would not receive tax penalties. Male indentured servants also worked outside along with the slaves. I think this account shows that women did not really have a place in society as we know it. There was no place for a career or education. They had a place in the home of the people they worked for. I would say that female slaves were not even considered a part of society considering how there was no penalty for having them work outside like there was for female servants working outside. I think this shows that society thought women that were not slaves were delicate and should not be performing hard labor.

How effective were the legal rights granted to indentured servants? From what I read, it seemed like indentured servants had fair rights. Whether or not they were enforced is another story. This document shows the progression of labor in the world. Back in medieval times, servants did not have rights and could be taken advantage of by the people whose land they worked. People could work in exchange for food and borrowed land but that land could be taken away at any time. There was no due process of law. In the early eighteenth century and with the creation of indentured servitude, servants now had rights and if...
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