Of Plymouth Plantation

Topics: God, Freedom of religion, Faith Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: October 6, 2005
The strength of their faith was obvious from the very beginning. They wanted their religious freedom and that is why they left the only lives and familiar places they knew to seek that freedom they so strongly desired. Those in England who wanted to make that change and prove that their faith was the most important thing to them, did so and it proved to be a life altering experience for all who made the voyage. The conclusion was to live as a distinct body by themselves under the general Government of Virginia and by their friends to sue to His Majesty that he would be pleased to grant them freedom of religion. (Bradford pg 30.) Because of the restrictions and the lack of their religious liberty the Puritans felt that the only way they could worship God the way they wanted and felt was the right way to worship was to get away from the people stopping them. This strong belief in their religion was the true influence of what we know as the Plymouth Experiment.

The Puritans also had a unique relationship with God that was much stronger than the relationships they had even with their own families and friends. The Puritans that they were flawed and helpless and that they were very capable of being very sinful beings. There was also a belief in the covenant of works. This meant that if you followed all of Gods laws, and did good things that would make him happy, you would then go to heaven. They believed that they were knit together as a body in the most strict and sacred bond and covenant with the Lord. "We do hold ourselves straightly tied to all care of each others goods and of the whole, by everyone and so mutually.(Bradford,35). This also showed how cautious the Puritans were not do to anything that might offend The Lord, and not allow them to get into heaven.

The Puritans also relied on The Covenant of Grace which was a belief that God had already chosen a select few people that would be saved. This was to say that maybe even though you did not do all the...
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