Of Plymouth Plantation

Topics: Plymouth, Massachusetts, Native Americans in the United States, Wampanoag Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Dear Diary,
“ Safe Arrival at Cape Cod”
We finally landed at Cape Cod! As soon as my feet touched the solid ground, I fell on my knees and praised God for delivering us safely through. I tell you, we sure was a ragged bunch when we got off that ship. Which we spent many trying days and nights floating on the ocean which had changed our bodies into very week and feeble frames. However, I’m glad we were on solid earth, and the massive and isolated wilderness before us was very frightening just like the ocean. I pray that one day if we do encounter the Native Americans that God will bless us.

“The First Encounter”
Today was the day were we our people were to build huts because we had no protection from those Native Americans or any wild beast. In addition, we have to find food too because we didn’t have any left from the ship ride here. Then, we found corn, and we try to take the Indians corn to have it for the next year so they will have something to eat. But, as soon as they did that the Indians come shooting at us with their arrows. Praise god that no one was killed or injured but it kill our colts. “The Starving Time”

Many people were getting sick from lack of nutrients, like water and other foods. In addition, my uncle was getting really sick from this disease called scurvy, and we all knew that he was going to die soon. Which I don’t want to see my uncle go but we have nothing to help him with this. So 100 people died including my uncle. Which, left 50 people left it our community and that’s not a lot but we can survive. I know our family is really sad to see one of our family members gone but we can go on with life knowing that he did his part and that he’s in heaven. Which we will praise God, thank him for the good times we had with our uncle and that he will bring us through these hard times.

“Indian Relations”
The Indians and us started to become friends, which meant a lot to me because I have never seen anybody like this. Which I learned...
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