Of Natural Gas in Bangladesh: an Attempt to Explicate the Kleptomaniac Nexus Between Western Imperialism and Local Comprador Bourgeoisie the Politics

Topics: Natural gas, Imperialism, Energy development, World energy resources and consumption / Pages: 14 (3425 words) / Published: Sep 8th, 2013
The Politics of Natural Gas in Bangladesh:
An Attempt to Explicate the Kleptomaniac Nexus between Western Imperialism and Local Comprador Bourgeoisie

COURSE NAME & NO.: Understanding Social Change in Bangladesh, 481

Dr. A I Mahbub Uddin Ahmed MD. Nazmul Arefin
Professor, SUBMITTED Roll: 69
Dept. of Sociology 4th year, 8th semester
University of Dhaka Dept. of Sociology Session: 2007-2008

Date of Submission: 29-03-12 Introduction
Political and trade relations across borders are not now new phenomena. Imperialism, colonialism, and military conquest have, infact, always accompanied human societies and have historically produced multinational economic networks, displacement of populations, culturally heterogeneous countries, and multinational empires under the supervision of hegemonic political powers (Edward Said,1993).
With the end of colonialism and the emergence of a seemingly new world order we have entered into the age of “post-modernization”. Without any doubt, the leading issues for the beginning of the new age are globalization and global risks. As a part of this informative, knowledge-based, globalised risk society (Beck) we have already endorsed the tag of “High-tech Being”. From

References: 6) Journal of Centre for Policy Research of IUBAT, 2009 7) Laccard, Marc and others 2000, Natural Gas options for Bangladesh, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology

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