Of Mice of Men

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Great Depression, John Steinbeck Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In the novella “Of Mice of Men” written by John Steinbeck is set in the mid 1930’s in the United States of America during the great depression. A time of hardship and sorrow for many. The novella is based around two average male itinerant workers who desire to fulfil the so called American dream. where life is portrayed as sweet and easy. Arguably the novellas protagonist George Milton is first portrayed as a harsh and stern man. We follow George through all the struggles that the time he lives in presents such as racism, sexism,loneliness and futility. It is almost impossible to write about George without mentioning his best friend Lennie Small. He is the closest thing to family that George has. Steinbeck presents Lennie as a kind yet simplistic character. Steinbeck could be writing about his own understanding and past experience’s within which he wants to impress on the reader through the characters George and Lennie.

At the beginning of the novella we see George presented as a harsh, impatient carer of Lennie this is proven by the way George speaks to Lennie ”With a impatient, sharp, aggressive tone”. This is shown through one of his first conversations with Lennie ” so you forgot that already” “ jesus christ ,your a crazy bastard” His blasphemy points out his frustration at Lennie’s simplicity. Steinbeck also shows us that George sometimes regrets his promise to look after Lennie and his intelligence let him perceive how life could have been alone. In his words to Lennie “ God your a lot of trouble” “ I could maybe have a girl”. So far George has been shown as a harsh and even cruel man to Lennie, George is shown as sharp and quick witted, he lectures Lennie over and over again about his child like attitude. In contrast we go on to see how Steinbeck portrays Georges kindness and understanding of Lennie’s faults, “I’ve been mean ain’t I”, after One Georges many lectures to Lennie he admits that he cares for Lennie by saying “no look i was...
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