Of Mice & Men Relationship Essay

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Interpersonal relationship, John Steinbeck Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: March 27, 2011
Of Mice and Men
During life, people become great friends with other people. Friends are loyal companions. They always have each other’s backs and are there for them whenever they need them and this is a very special relationship. In the short novel Of Mice and Men by author John Steinback, a numerous amount of these relationships are formed. Each one of these relationships is unique. Friendships form between Candy and his dog, Crooks and Lennie, and George and Lennie. Many people say a dog is man's best friend. No other statement could better describe the relationship between Candy and his dog. Candy has had his dog “since he was a pup. Herded sheep with him" and enjoys being with him all of the time (44). The dog is very important to Candy and he doesn’t care if he’s old and has no teeth. Carlson wanted Candy to get rid of his dog because he hated how it was old and made the place smell. Candy’s dog “ got no teeth, he’s all stiffed with rheumatism” and was no good to Candy according to Carlson (44) Carlosn just wanted Candy to kill his dog so the smell would go away and put the dog out of its misery, but Candy kept arguing how he has had the dog so long and couldn’t kill him. Candy gave some thought about having the dog killed, and he came to the conclusion of having Carlson do the dirty work. Carlson killed the dog, but Candy regretted it because he wishes he could have “at least killed him instead of Carlson” killing him. (61) Candy feels guilty that didn’t kill his own dog.

Lennie and Crooks form the most unique relationship in the novel. There relationship is very uncommon and odd during the time period the novel takes place because it is between a white and black man. At first, Crooks doesn’t want Lennie to come in and wants to be left alone. Lennie has “no right to come in” his room" according to Crooks (68). Crooks is not wanted in the men’s bunkhouse, so he feels no one should be allowed in his room. Lennie asks him why he isn’t wanted in the...
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