Of Mice and Men- the American Dream

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Novella, John Steinbeck Pages: 2 (903 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The term American dream may not be used too often any more, but especially in the 1930’s it was a very motivating term for the working class. Whether their dream was to own their own company, support their family or even just own a piece of land to call their own, the thought of having a dream that they could fulfil if only they worked hard enough was keeping them moving forward. George and Lennie’s dream was the latter, they longed to own a piece of land, to have animals, and live so no one would have control over them. But throughout the course of the novel, some of their choices adjust the final outcome of their dream. By the end of Of Mice and Men Lennie and George’s dream has been altered in many ways. Although Lennie was killed in the end of the novel, a version of his dream still came true. The basis of Lennie’s dream was that he would be safe from harm and people running after him and that he would be stopped from hurting anyone accidentally. By killing Lennie, George gave him what it was he wanted, even if he didn’t realize it at the time. “Ever’body gonna be nice to you. Ain’t gonna be no more trouble. Nobody gonna hurt nobody or steal from ‘em” (Steinbeck 106). Without Lennie living, he would no longer be wanted by the people from Weed for accused rape. He would also be spared from Curley and his revengeful killing, because of the accidental killing of Curley’s wife. George knew what he had to do but he didn’t want Lennie to feel any pain in the process. “Shoot him right in the back of the head…he wouldn’t feel nothing” (Steinbeck 45). The way Carlson shot Candy’s old dog was the same way that George shot Lennie. “Right in the back of the head he said

softly” (Steinbeck 107). The method he used to end Lennie’s life was much more merciful and humane than Curley’s plan. George also wanted Lennie to be at peace, thinking about their dream, their ranch, before he died. Killing Lennie was George’s only option. If Curley had gotten to him he would have...
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