Of Mice And Men Epilogue

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Rabbit Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Mr. McElwee
Faust Faubel
English I, 7th Period
Of Mice and men Epilogue: after ten years

After raising money for five years, George and Candy managed to buy a ranch. They committed five more years to improve the ranch.it was a small ranch, but it had a hen house, a barn, and land to farm. Finally they had a house, for Candy and George. The place was fairly clean and comfortable. Right beside the fireplace, Candy was brushing his dog’s hair, his name was pugs. George sat around the fireplace, Candy said, Today, I got twenty eggs. We are getting richer, Lennie would have laughed with happiness. George stepped near Candy, yeah, he would have slept with the rabbits and dogs. I wish Lennie was here, if he was here, I might have let him tend the rabbits inside. Candy was confused. You talking about Lennie, aren’t you? You always said Lennie never existed, and now, you’re talking about Lennie. George didn’t answer. Candy went on, everybody was wrong, Crooks was wrong, he was always saying that we would end up with no land, But here we are, you’re family and me, and the ranch. We don’t have to listen to anyone. George said, we were right. Candy said, That Curley should have of died earlier, man, that boy died by a bullet, Curley’s mouth got himself killed. That horrible man should have had died earlier, he deserved it.

George’s five year old son, Jack, interrupted, dad, who’s Lennie? George turned on him. You should knock on the door before you come in. Jack looked up, but, I was going to ask you to name my rabbit. The brown one doesn’t have one yet. Lennie is a good name, isn’t it? Who is Lennie? George said, you don’t know him he’s not important, jack said he was gonna name his rabbit Lennie. Why won’t you tell jack the story, because it’s the past and it’s not important, Candy said if it’s not important why do you care so much, let jack here the story. In that way, Lennie will be remembered, George said ok. Jack...
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