of mice and men

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 Second appearance of Curley’s wife

In ‘Of mice and men’ Curley's wife's second appearance in Crooks' room, the reader discovers why Curley's wife acts as such a temptress, and begins to feel sympathy for the character when it is discovered she is in fact extremely lonely. We learn that she uses flirting and seduction as a way of gaining attention and spending time with the men. She uses the excuse of looking for Curley to find some company, but then slips up, admitting she knew where Curley had really went. She then begins to become more aggressive when they ask her to leave, saying ‘Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever once in a while?’, ‘Think I like to stick in that house alla time?’ She also begins to snap back at the men and flares up, throwing those insults, calling them "bindle stiffs" and confesses again to her loneliness by asking herself why she is even talking to them.

The men judge her as "a tart," and ample supporting observations are provided. She's rude, selfish and sometimes viciously cruel. She does not have a kind word for anyone. She mocks the men she deems weaker than herself, belittling them for their dream of having a farm of their own. She even mocks her own husband when he gets badly injured. She's the only person on the premises who calls the stable buck, Crooks, "nigger," and she does it to his face and in front of his peers and threatens him with hanging, reducing him to nothing.

Curley’s wife is a lonely woman and she wants to be in front of the men. She starts to open an argument and starts to be rude to Crooks ‘well, you keep your place then, nigger, I could get you strung up on a tree so easily it aint even funny.’ This shows how Curley’s wife is criticizing Crooks and trying to show her power and wants to continue her conversation by attacking them. She is so desperate for attention so she can talk to dum-dum, nigger and old sheep.

In conclusion, my opinion towards...
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