Of Mice and Men

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Racial discrimination Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Gabriel, John
Mr. Gonzales
English II Pre-Ap
Period 1

The Discriminating Fact

Discrimination is universal, it’s everywhere, and in fact, it happens to everyone. The victims of Discrimination are usually misunderstood, harshly judged, and very mistreated and this causes discomfort in the victims in the future. The reactions to Discrimination varies on each type of person as Discrimination is often based on qualities and abilities. Discrimination shapes the story by targeting vulnerable characters in order to exploit their weaknesses and control the minorities including gender, race, & age of the ranch in order to prosper.

In the story, Discrimination is used for benefit by an individual in order to gain control for himself. This conflict occurs between Curley, a small guy and Lennie, a bigger guy. Lennie is picked on due to his lack of intelligence and size. This type of behavior gave Curley the advantage in the situation and made the best of it. In This quote, “Curley likes a lot of little guys. He hates big guys (pg. 26)”. This quote basically explains why Curley discriminated Lennie, why he would be so aggressive towards him. This decision would later haunt him due to his confrontation with Lennie. Another character that was discriminated was Curley’s wife, but this time due to her gender. Curley’s wife was often misunderstood in the ranch due to her attention hungry self and flirting ways. The men discriminate her due to her circumstance of being the only girl on the ranch and always trying to attract attention. George even said, “Ranch with a bunch of guys ain’t no place for a girl, ‘specially like her”(Pg 34) This quote voices George’s opinion on Curley’s wife. Due to Curley’s wife’s nature, she was shunned by the ranch workers and this led her to finally snap and take drastic measures. This sudden change didn’t turn out the best and led to a series of changes in the novel. Finally, the last character targeted for discrimination...
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