Of Mice and Men

Topics: Death, Homicide, Murder Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: April 4, 2013
There is a very thin line drawn in the debate whether or not death to another person is ever justifiable. There are so many different cases where I have a double sided opinion. I ultimately think that reasons for death such as euthanasia, abortion, acting in self-defense, etc. really depend on the circumstances of the situation. Webster’s dictionary defined murder as "the unlawful killing of another human being, especially with premeditated malice." What exactly is justifiable killing? Is abortion Okay? What about euthanasia, self-defense, war, or capital punishment? No I am not a believer in war, abortion nor do I think that taking another’s life is the absolute best decision. However if someone is putting your life or your loved ones life at harm, is that a reasonable clause, to use self-defense to protect your own life? I do believe it can be justified, but not always justifiable.

In the book of mice and men George shoots Lennie because he believes that he would have suffered far worse if he would have let Lennie live. For me it is hard to say whether this is justified or unjustified. I never believe that killing someone is the answer, but at the same time it was almost as if George was doing him a favor. He would have ended up in jail for committing murder or possibly died a slow miserable death from Curley. “The little evening breeze blew over the clearing and the leaves rustled and the wind waves flowed up the green pool. And the shouts of men sounded again, much time this closer than before,” (pg. 104). This was shortly before George pulled the trigger on Lennie. The men were coming after him, and George knew this. Euthanasia I feel like is justifiable in this case, and in fact pretty much all cases. Lennie didn’t mean to kill Curley’s wife, he didn’t realize his own strength and that was his tragic flaw. I don’t think punishing him would be the thing to do. He would never intentionally hurt anyone; he just didn’t realize how much strength he had....
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