Of Mice and Men

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John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men

"The American Dream is "a dream of a land in which life should be better, richer, fuller and with opportunity for each. It is a dream of social order in which each man and woman should be able to achieve the fullest stature of which they are capable of, and be recognized for what they are, regardless of the circumstances of birth or position." It ideally constitutes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as stated by America's forefathers in the Declaration of Independence. This vision has been warped in due course of time. 20th century witnessed a new breed of Americans full of greed & self-motives. Of Mice and Men takes place in the 1930's of America during the Great Depression. The American dream vanished, and the ideal land became the land of misfortune. The Great Depression was a massive global economic recession that led to numerous bank failures, high-unemployment, as well as dramatic drops in GDP, industrial production,stock market share prices and virtually every other measure of economic growth. This is a novel of defeated hope and the harsh reality of the AmericanDream. The two main characters are best friends, George Milton and Lennie Small who are poor homeless migrant workers, doomed to a life of wandering and toil in which they are never able to reap the fruits of their labour and are on the run looking for a job. George is a "small and quick," man, who may sometimes seem like he dislikes Lennie's company, but in actually is very devoted to him. Lennie is "a huge man," who is somewhat mentally retarded, and reveres George's every word. Their main ambition is to "get the jack together," purchase a few acres of land they can call their own, "an' live off the fatta the lan'. This is their dream and their dream, however, cannot exist without friendship. The constant repetition of the way things will be is what keeps the dream alive in Lennie. George needs Lennie just as much as Lennie needs him, which is...
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