Of Gifts and Goodbyes

Topics: Coffee, Smile Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Alicia J
Mrs. Miller
English 2, 4th Period
7 November 2013

Of Gifts and Goodbyes


Panting, I hoisted my bright orange luggage bag out of the trunk of my grandma’s car and lug it across the airport’s marble floor. It seemed heavier than I remember. And to think that I had to take some stuff out last night because Dad said I put too much stuff in it and there is a possibility of my bag bursting somewhere along the trip. The wheels squealed under the weight in carried and I winced. Shh!

The airport buzzed with activity. People scurried about like mice, a middle aged woman consoled her crying baby, a tall man in a business suit yakked into his cell phone. I narrowed my eyes and squinted slightly, scanning the crowds for familiar faces. My shoulders slumped a little. None. Subconsciously, my hand reached up to tug on the black beanie I put on to hide my messy hair. My phone vibrated, I froze and, my hand hung in mid air. Once. Twice. Buzz buzz buzz. Walking to the nearest vacant bench, I sat down to reply to the text messages I received. All of them bore the same question, “Hey, where are you?”

I chuckled to myself.

In a matter of seconds, I tapped out my reply and got up after pressing send, casually strolling to Starbucks when I really wanted to sprint over. Effortlessly, I maneuvered through the sea of people and sat down at an empty table, located at the far end. Since it was still early and to avoid appearing awkward, I scrolled down my phone mindlessly while waiting.

The enticing aroma of brewing coffee and roasted coffee beans filled my senses and I smiled to myself. I thought of getting up and ordering a cup of semi-sweet, warm, mouth watering goodness and a croissant to go with it but shrugged it off. My friends arrived one by one and I greeted them all with a smile. “Oh, don’t mention it,” they replied with a grin when I thanked them profusely for setting aside some time to come see me before I boarded my plane.

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