Oedipus the King

Topics: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Greek mythology Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: July 7, 2013
The gods must be smiling at Oedipus Blindness

In the play written by Sophocles “Oedipus the King,” is depicted as one who is blind to his own ego, pride stubbornness, anger and lack of knowledge. First written in Greek mythology this play is about a King of Thebes whose ego overshadowed his ability to focus on his the necessary things to stabilize his kingdom; his anger and pride eventually led to his down fall. Having solved the riddle of the Sphinx, (an evil creature) King Oedipus was able to succeed as the new king of Thebes and became the new husband of the queen Jocaster, not knowing that she was his biological mother. Oedipus son of king Laius and Queen Jocaster was doomed from birth, fearing that their son Oedipus will take his father’s life Jocaster give him (Oedipus) to a herdsman to be killed, he was then given to another herds man in the fields In a twist of faith who then returned him to Corinth where he was adopted by King Polybus and his wife Queen Merope, who raised him as their own. It would seem the gods will have their fun day with Oedipus. Blinded by ego as a king Oedipus seeks only to please his people, his city and himself. Plagued with sufferings throughout his kingdom in which famines, diseases animals becoming extinct, and the women who were stricken with bareness were becoming a desaster. With no end to their sufferings the people of Thebes turned to the king for guidance and to help appease their discomfort. Obligated to his people, his city, and himself the king in his search for answers, summons Creon his brother in law and uncle to provide him advice from the wise council of the Oracle in Delphi. Creon learns from the oracle that the kingdom was plagued by a series of unfortunate events and revealed it to the King. According to Creon the plague in the land must be driven out by bringing the murderer of the previous king to justice. “I will tell you, then, what I heard from the God. King Phoebus in plain words commanded us to drive...
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