Oedipus Rex

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Scene 5
* 'I may pour my spirits in thine ear,/ And chastise with the valour of my tongue/' --> Wants to influence Macbeth by her determined words * '...Come, you spirits/ That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here'… 'Come to my women's breasts,/ And take my milk for gall,' * Shows that she is willing to go to any ends to fulfill Macbeth's ambitions * Soliloquies testify to her strength of will, which completely eclipses that of her husband --> Shows the relationship between them, a relationship which has love but in which Lady Macbeth is more assertive and dominant  

* Macbeth's letter
* Shows his love for his wife as almost immediately after the battle he writes a letter to her assuring her that he is okay and informs her of the things which are happening, shows that he cares for her and loves her * They share news with each other

* 'Art thou afeard/ To be the same in thine own act and valour/As thou art in desire?/' --> Comparing his willingness to kill Duncan which is his desire to his courageous acts on the battlefield, suggesting that he is actually a coward despite all his brave deeds on the battlefield * Goads Macbeth to kill Duncan by questioning his manhood * Also implies that Macbeth is less than a man whenever he shows signs of faltering throughout the play * Enters like a hurricane to blow away all of Macbeth's hesitant thoughts, causing all of Macbeth's doubts to evaporate * 'Bring forth men-children only'

* Because she is so bold and courageous, succumbs to her wishes immediately following this remark * He admires her courage
* Seems that he is complimenting her and affirming her belief that courage and brilliance are masculine traits * Also sees Lady Macbeth's boldness and masculinity as heroic and warrior-like * However Lady Macbeth invokes her supposed masculine 'virtues' for dark and cruel purposes only, and unlike Macbeth seems solely concerned with immediate power  

Act 2
Scene 1 Analysis
* The Dagger
* Is the first of many guilt-inspired hallucinations which Macbeth and his wife will experience * Is a metaphor of the murder which Macbeth is about to commit  
Scene 2 Analysis
* Duncan's bedchamber becomes a sort of hidden sanctum into which the characters disappear and from which they emerge powerfully changed * Change in Lady Macbeth
* Claims she would have killed Duncan herself had he not resembled her father sleeping - 'Had he not resembled/ My father as he slept, I had done't' * First time that Lady Macbeth shows herself to be at all vulnerable * Comparison to Duncan to her father suggests that despite her desire for power and her harsh chastisement of Macbeth, she still sees her king as an authority figure to whom she must be loyal  

* Motif of Blood
* Macbeth's anguished sense that his hands cannot be washed clean * For now, Lady Macbeth is the calculating voice of reason, telling him the blood can be washed away with a little water  

* Shows couple's grief and trepidation
* Macbeth speaks in clipped, halted sentences
* 'Not yet', 'I'll bring you to him', 'This is the door' * Indicates his troubled mind and trepidation about the impending discovery of Duncan's body * Yet tries to cover up by showing his grief over Duncan's death * Lady Macbeth all but gives herself away

* 'What, in our house?'
* She should have been horrified over the death of the king, but instead she is more focused on the fact that the incident occurred in her castle, and hence frets more about the consequences of this on her, casting a lot of suspicion on her and her husband  

Act 3
Scene 1
* Macbeth and his wife
* Seem to have traded roles
* Conversation between Macbeth and the murderers
* Macbeth adopts...
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