Oedipus Quotes Project

Topics: Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Family Pages: 3 (1145 words) Published: September 28, 2008
Stand out quotes of Oedipus
1.”She is a woman of pride, and ashamed of my low birth” (Sophocles41)

This quote is very intriguing. Even after learning that Polybus is not his real father, he still doesn’t realize he is the son of his wife, he still believes he is of low birth. This line shows how “blind” Oedipus is to the truth, so much so that he believes he is of poor birth, instead of his true birth into royalty. This line truly captures the meaning or a tragic drama by blatantly showing how naïve and unaware Oedipus is to his surroundings. I too have felt this way though, been so blind to the truth that I myself would think things the complete opposite of what they really were. I think we do this either because we are so oblivious to what’s going on that the only answer we find true is the one furthest from truth, or subconsciously we do know the truth, but we fear and despise it so much so that we convince ourselves that the truth is anything and everything but what it truly is.

2.”Your father killed his father, sowed his seed in her where he was sown as a seed, and did beget you in the selfsame place where he was once begotten. That is how men will talk.”(Sophocles54)

This is by far the saddest quote. In this scene Oedipus is talking to his daughters one last time before he leaves them for good. He’s telling them how they can never be married because of his mistakes. This is sad for his daughters because they are learning of the evils his father went through, and why he has sealed their fate to be without husband and without child for the rest of their lives. It is sadder for Oedipus because he has brought this upon his own seed. He must live with guilt for something he had no control of. This shows how one prophecy, one mans fate, can seal the fate of those around him. This line shows how tragic this story truly is. This quote raises the intriguing question that is; does everyone’s fate intertwine, making one fate for all man, as opposed to...
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