Oedipus and Antigone

Topics: Oedipus, Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Sebastian Villa
Composition 2
April 5, 2014

Antigone Essay
The story of Antigone is a tragic story that means that the universal themes are going to make the audience thinks twice about their decisions or life itself. This story has a lot of universal themes like facing darkness, role of women and the most important theme in my opinion would be injustice. This universal can be applied to today’s world. Facing darkness! After the two brother named Eteocles and Polyneices fight for opposites sides Creon decides to buried of the brother that fight for his kingdom ,in this case would be Eteocles and he decides not to buried the other brother because he was fighting against his kingdom. Creon said that “Polyneices is a traitor and should not be buried and he should be giving to the slavery “ (Sophocles 1109). Creon also said “Anyone trying to bury Polyneices should pay with death” (Sophocles 1109). This is the point when darkness began for Antigone figuring out how she is going to buried her brother that she love and if she is caught she was willing to pay with her life because that prove how much she loved her brother. After Antigone death happen the darkness began for Creon because he killed his father and his song and now looking for forgiveness something that he didn’t deserve. To finalize with this theme darkness change this kingdom. Women can make a huge impact. The story of Antigone reflects this by Antigone fighting on what she believes something that no man was willing to do. She decides to go against his uncle, the king Creon. Antigone tells her sister Ismene that “she will bury Polyneices and that Creon has no right to keep me from my own” (Sophocles 1105). Irmene tell Antigone “Remember we are women, we’re not born to contend with men” (Sophocles 1105). Antigone tells her sister “I will raise a mound for him, for my dear brother” (Sophocles 1106). Back then women was afraid of men because they didn’t know how to stand up in what...
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