Topics: Truth, Reality, Religion Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: October 29, 2006
The play Oedipus has similar events that are similar in my own life. Some themes from Oedipus that are relevant to my life include denying the truth and having too much pride or hubris. The theme denial of truth is basically where a person knows what is actually real, but they don't want to tell the truth because they think it might make their life worse by filling it with different complications. Denial of truth can have different cases where the person knows that they have actually done the act, or it could be like Oedipus' situation where he has committed the crime of killing his father, but then denied the truth because he didn't know that the man he killed on the road was his dad. This is also known as dramatic irony in Oedipus' case where the audience knows more than the character himself. In the story Oedipus blames the problems on someone else and says that Teiresias can't see the truth, only he can. "You child of endless night! You can not hurt me or any other man who sees the sun." This quote is ironic because while Teiresias is blind Oedipus feels that he is in the cave and can't see the truth, but Oedipus feels that he knows the truth because to himself it feels like he committed no crime. In reality he's living in the cave and he is filled with ignorance because he doesn't know the real truth. Oedipus is filled with great hubris because he's so sure of himself that he did nothing wrong, but in reality he killed his father and didn't even know it. These examples are similar to real life experiences because people live in ignorance and feel that they know many things and answers to the truth. In my own life I've seen where classmates think they know everything and are filled with hubris and pride and deny the real truth and only believe themselves and no one else.
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