Topics: Oedipus, Oedipus the King, Sophocles Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: March 25, 2014

18 March 2014
Oedipus Rex and the Journey of Self-Discovery
Those who have the ability of sight are stuck in the darkness of ignorance hidden behind lies and those who do not have the ability of sight are in the light of what the truth reveals. Throughout Oedipus’ journey of self-discovery one will notice how he develops as a character. Oedipus is referred to as a character that shows great pride and temper, his quick acts of judgement and fate are the reasons to his downfall as a tragic hero. His personality reveals how ignorant he is to the truth. Though Oedipus’ only goal was to seek who is responsible for the plague upon the kingdom of Thebes, the theme of dramatic irony comes into play where he finds out that he is the one responsible. Through Oedipus’ actions Sophocles is portraying to his audience that bad things happen to good people. Though Oedipus was trying to help others, he did not think before he had acted. He took responsibility for his own actions and accepted the consequences that lie before him. Oedipus turns away from the darkness and is led into the light when he discovers he is the one responsible. His character displays rashness and pride but in his final act the audience discovers a different side of suffering in which he tries to seek the light by going blind. Oedipus displays his pride and compassion towards Thebes, his kingdom where a plague had been cursed upon. The people of Thebes came to him asking for his help because he had lifted a curse of a sphinx once before. “Ah my poor children, what you come to seek is known already- not unknown to me. You are all sick, I know it and in your sickness there is not one of you so sick as I.” (Sophocles 3) Oedipus is aware of their suffering and he feels compassion towards his people. He suffers with them displaying empathy, in return wants to save them once again. Oedipus sends Creon, his brother-in-law, to go to Apollo’s Temple to find out why Thebes is cursed by the...
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